State Of The 'Rowe: The B-Word

If it's one word we probably see and hear EVERY day, it's the B-Word. We hear it in most of the music we listen to, we see it on Twitter, some of us use it in casual conversation, they even let it be said on most television programs these days. It's pretty common. However I feel like the use and misuse of the word is a bit complex.


As I mentioned above, the word is HEAVILY used in a lot of the popular songs we listen to. From that, it has pretty much become a general term for some, as far as referring to women. I can't really say I agree with that. I don't feel like it's fair to generalize ALL women with that word. I have a mother, sisters, and a girlfriend who I feel deserve the utmost respect. Maybe it's just me, but I never been a fan of umbrella statements or labels and I know quite a few ladies who would likely agree.


On the flip side...


I know some chicks who perpetuate this kind of labeling. It's almost like a term of endearment for some. And I mean, that's cool, but there's also a double standard that comes into play here. It's okay to refer to yourselves and each other as b*tches, but as soon as a guy does the same it's World War III? Oh okay.


How about this...


Fellas stop generalizing all females as such and ladies, realize that your are too respectable to be addressed in such a way. However, if you're a chick that's going to continue to be okay with being called a b*tch by your friends, then don't get mad if a guy does the same.


I'm not trying to preach, I promise. Just sayin'. Lol