State Of The 'Rowe: Bass Ackwards

I feel like America spends money in the most backwards ways and on the dumbest stuff. Not just on an individual scale, but on a national one as well...




No, that's not some weird phone number. That's the national debt! And it's growing with every dollar being spent. I know that they are in Washington doing what they can to cut that deficit, but man! That's a lot of money! 


Kobe Bryant of the L.A. Lakers is the highest paid player on the richest team in the NBA. He makes $24,806,250 a year! His team's payroll is $91,569,659


Now, Kobe is great. No doubt about it. But why is he making $24Mil to play BASKETBALL??? I never understood how athletes got paid so much money to basically do nothing. How is playing a sport that you probably played all your life worth that much? What is Kobe doing for society that justifies those earnings? Nothing, if you ask me.


The average salary of a school teacher is from $40-43K a year. The average salary of a doctor is $149-250K a year. That's actually not a bad number. Not at all. Being that my major is in the medical field, I hope to someday see that kind of money. But here's my issue...


In my opinion, teachers, doctors, police officers, soldiers, etc. Do a MILLION times more for society than athletes do. The people in these professions do things like save lives, cure diseases, and fight (and sometimes die for) our country. THEY should be the ones making these ridiculous sums of money. Especially teachers. Teachers and professors play such a big role in molding the futures of young people. Without them, you wouldn't have these sucessful lawyers, doctors, and such. You don't have to necessarily go to school to be a millionaire athlete. Look at Lebron James. Came to the NBA fresh out of high school. He was 18 and has probably never looked at a book since. And with all the money he has, he probably isn't in a rush to do so.


At the end of the day...


If America is gonna spend money all reckless and continue to dig themselves deeper into debt, they should spend it on those who are instrumental in making a difference in our world. Not entertainers and athletes