Dirty Frank's1 Established on July 1st 2009, Dirty Frank's Hot Dog Palace may still be a baby in the eyes of Columbus' patrons, but this hot dog haven has roots that run deep into the heart of the city. The restaurant was formerly named "Queen B Diner" and is now a part of Betty's family of restaurants. It is still owned by Chicago native Liz Lessner (who I mistakenly thought was Wes Lexner's wife). Even though Liz is from the Chi, she has invested into several establishments including Frank's and has owned diner style restaurants for many years. Liz's Chicago heritage are ever-present in Dirty Frank's with the Cub covered walls and the signature Poppyseed buns, a Chi Town tradition. Me and Luckistar got a chance to eat at Dirty Frank's Hot Dog Palace on Tuesday afternoon. We were welcomed with open arms and had an opportunity to try three fan favorites. The Chicago, Super Chilli and my personal favorite, the Classy Lady. The prices are great. For just about any hot dog you will only pay $3, and about $2 for a side (I recommend the macaroni). In short, Dirty Frank's is RECESSION PROOF!! Dirty Frank's Hot Dog Palace is open from 11am until 2:30am 7 days a week and is located at 248 E. 4th Street. Currently they serve 8 different draft beers including some that are locally made. Dirty Frank's even serves a local fair favorite the FUNNEL CAKE as a special. Although Dirty Frank's is brand new, you wouldn't be able to tell from the 500-600 hot dogs sold each day. Most of the time there is a line that stretches down the block so don't hesitate to call ahead for take out (614-824-4673). Dirty Frank's2 Dirty Frank's3 Dirty Frank's4 Dirty Frank's5 Dirty Frank's6 Dirty Frank's7 Dirty Frank's8 Dirty Frank's9 Dirty Frank's10 Dirty Frank's11 Dirty Frank's12 Dirty Frank's13 Dirty Frank's14 Dirty Frank's15 Dirty Frank's16 Dirty Frank's17 -KNGSRW Photos by Luckistar