SINAT1 Chief Execs Entertainment & Nine-Tenths Media Groups presents :::BLACK TUESDAY::: :::BLACK TUESDAY::: SEARIUS ADD & SINATRA [LIVE]!!! SEARIUS ADD & SINATRA [LIVE]!!! In Conjunction With [BIG Shout Outs] Kingsrowe, Presidential Entertainment, Break Bread, Central City Recording, FlyPaper Magazine, SpaceShip Seven Records, Kreg & Dez Radio, Cool Kid Radio, FlyFortune Entertainment, C-Busted, J-Club, FlawLess, DJ Mr. King/Hustle Squad DJs &TakeOva Productions, DJ Bern, WUGR +more!!! About SEARIUS ADD Rapper/Spoken Word Poet/Event Host Searius Add is launching his NEW site www.SEARIUSTHOUGHTS.com on November 1, 2009 [and will host his new E-BOOK SERIES, and AUDIO & VIDEOCASTS (respectively) - The Highly Anticipated Smart Is The New Gangsta EP drops November 09 About SINATRA Producer/Rapper Sinatra a/k/a SupaNatra fresh off of being nominated for Best New Artist for the 2009 Ohio Hip Hop Awards just released Executive Gangsta [w/ DJ Head Debiase of The Aphiliates & DJ Giovanny of Team Invasion Midwest]. Get it here: http://kingsrowe.com/officialblog/?p=... Special Performances by: OSU sensations Jeremy Abercrombie X Dustin Lynch X Terrence Farmer The Show is Semi-Private and we encourage you to RSVP (via email) s.addishin@gmail.com or execgang@gmail or (via Twitter) @SeariusAdd or @SupaNatra