8 Questions 8 Answers with… J Payne

J PayneOcho Q Ocho A Name: Jeff Age: 21 Location: Columbus, OH Define your Fresh: Define my fresh huh? Hmmmm... well to me being fresh sometime can just be a feeling you get inside yourself not necessarily a look..for example. I can wear a brand new outfit from head to toe, new draws and all but if my hair ain't cut....shi(*Radio Edit*)ttt.. I still get in my 2-3 zone until I'm 100 percent fresh!! So yea to me fresh is just more about a feeling, rather then a look. Biggest Fear? Um I think my biggest fear is simple. For some reason I'm scared to get old, lol it might sound silly but I guess it all falls in the category of humans having a fear of the unknown. Since I dont know what my future holds as a old man it causes me to fear it. If you had to go back to the Past, Change one thing (if you HAD to, even with “no regrets”) what would it be? One thing I think I would change from my past is....the day I met this girl who's name starts with a M.. I won't go into detail with that one, ill jus say SHEESH.. she caused me a lot of fu(*Radio Edit*)ckin problems real talk! If Given the Choice of: Love with a certainty of Heart Break or to Never have Loved, which would you pick? I would most DEFINITELY choose to not love at all!! I'm 21 years old and I still can't actually look in my past and say wow actually loved her. So I would 100 percent say I would go with out love because you can't miss something you never had. Unless its my family members then.. love don't live here lol straight up! Whats the most important thing that Women don't understand about Men, that they should? Women should understand that men were created in gods image just like they were. So they should stop sayin that dumb ass line"all men are dogs" cut it out. I know PLENTY of girls that's worse then some of us. We were put here to reproduce so yes sex is on are mines allot but so what its natural... next question>> lol Any Bad Habits? My main bad habit would have to be... not always opening up to new things or new people. That can definitely hurt me in the long run... so I'm workin on it :) What Do You Dislike Most About the World? Simple answer: WAR What’s Your ideal 6 Song iPod Playlist? 1. Jeezy-Don't Do it 2. Drake 3. Drake 4. Jayz-a star is born 5. Dorrough-ice cream paint job (YEA BUDDY) lol 6. Drake Who Would Be Your 1 Night Only, No Strings Attached, Dream Date? Simple Keri Hilson omg smh...let me go to the next question b4 I get started on her lol mmm mmm mmm What is the One Question You Have Always Wanted Someone to Ask You, But They Never Did? Then Answer It I guess I don't have one.. I been sitting here on this question for like 10 minutes lol smh Twitter.com/JiggyJeff

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