State Of The 'Rowe: Bow Wow

Earlier this week, rapper and Columbus native, Bow Wow tweeted that he wanted to shoot a music video on top of Eastland Mall. For those who don't know, Eastland Mall is a mall located not too far from where the rapper was born and raised. Anyway, this tweet caused an outrage among people in Columbus. I mean people were goin' absolutely IN on dude. They said stuff like "Bow Wow can't come home", "he ain't allowed to rep Columbus" as well as other things. Now let me just say this: I'm not a Bow Wow fan. I don't own any of his music, (except like one song. Lol) but I see situations like this from both sides of the coin. So first, I'll tell you all how I agree with the outrage, then I'll tell you all how I don't.

Why I Agree...

I've said this before. Bow Wow is arguably the most successful musician, or celebrity PERIOD, that Columbus, Ohio has ever seen. I applaud his success. Being from Ohio, I'm happy to see when anyone from my state makes it in such a way that he did. Do I think he should put on more? It wouldn't hurt. Do I think he should give back in a way that's more noticable by the city? Same answer. Bow Wow became famous as a child. So I kinda feel like, if nothin' else, he has an obligation to the youth of Columbus, Ohio. The renovation of schools, parks and recreation centers would be dope. So would the establishment of programs that are designed to keep kids out the streets. I'm not sayin' Bow Wow doesn't do or hasn't done ANYTHING for the city, just sayin' he could do more. Shoutin' out Columbus in a song just doesn't do it for me. But with all that said, he doesn't HAVE to do anything for Columbus, Ohio. In my eyes, he's done enough by serving as an example that you can make it out of here and achieve success. Find the inspiration in that and go get it.

Why I DON'T Agree...

Although, it's getting' better, Ohio overall is a hater's state. Nah. I won't say hater because that term is very loosely used these days. But I will say there is a TREMENDOUS lack of support here. For the most part, nobody in Ohio pays attention to or respects the grind. Only the success that comes from it. Therefore artists find themselves in a position where they have to relocate for the purpose of networking and finding better opportunities. I watched it happen with Kid Cudi in Cleveland. To people of his city, he was "weird and only rapped about bein' on the moon". He did all he could as far as trying to make it in Cleveland. When all failed, he moved to New York. It was there where he met Kanye West and the rest is history. At the end of the day, let's be honest. Ohio is not yet a place where people are looking for talent. You're never gonna run into Kanye West at Polaris and be able to hand him your demo. So sometimes relocation is necessary to acquire the success you want. People can't be mad at Bow Wow for buyin' a house in Atlanta. In case ya'll forgot, the man responsible for launching his career was in fact Jermaine Dupri and where is So So Def based? Exactly. There are people in Columbus who act like Bow Wow owes them for his success. Unless you wrote a song, made a beat, or contributed to what he is today in ANY kind of way, what does he owe you? So when I hear people say "Bow can't come home" or "Bow Wow don't never come to Columbus", I just shake my head. First off, if Bow Wow wants to shoot a video at Eastland Mall, he will. And guess what? The SAME people who dissed him on Twitter will be right there at the video shoot tryin' to be seen. I bet. As far as Bow Wow never comin' home? How would anybody who isn't close to him know that? Who says he has to publicly announce every time he comes to Columbus? He could be here right now. Maybe when he comes home he keeps it lowkey because he wants a break from his lifestyle. But people don't consider that. Again, unless you helped Bow Wow get to where he is, he owes nothing in regards to his success.

At The End Of The Day...

I just want to see Ohio get better support-wise. There's alot of talent in Columbus, Cleveland, Toledo, as well as other cities who just need the right amount of support and the right opportunities. We need more people to support NOW. Not wait til someone gets on. There are too many people who are content with bein' on the bandwagon. I'm cool. I'd rather get behind somethin' now, so that if and when it becomes successful I can say I was there. The problem with this whole Bow Wow thing is that people were in his corner as it was convenient for THEM. When Bow first got on, everyone thought he was going to come back and be the city's savior and give people opportunities "just because" they were from Columbus. Unfortunately that's rarely how it goes in real life and for that reason people turned on him. If you're waiting on a handout from Bow Wow, prepare to wait a long time. Instead of worrying about what he DOESN'T do for the city, focus on what you CAN do and then do it.