State Of The 'Rowe: Social Networking And How It Can (But Shouldn't) Affect Friendships


A while back I did a post on what I call 'Social Network Etiquette'. It was just a list that tells you how (and how not to) use social networking sites like Facebook or the most current and relevant one being Twitter. Well today, I'm gonna just zero in on one of the points I made in that post, and try to go a little more in-depth.

How many times have you been harrassed on Facebook to add someone as a friend? How many times have you been on Twitter and got hit with the infamous 'Yo, follow me back!'? If you answered no to one or both questions, then it's probably YOU doin' the harrassing!

Just kidding. Lol

Social networks are something that in my free time I like to study. I watch for the politics, behavior patterns, different personalities, all that kinda stuff. However, the one thing that interests me the most is how seriously people take the 'Follow/Unfollow' feature on Twitter. It's REAL out here! Me personally, I feel like you should be able to follow whoever you want. I compare the people I follow to TV channels. If they’re not showing anything I wanna watch, I change the channel. Simple.

Well, it’s simple to ME anyway

But to others? Not even. I’ve lost friends that I’ve had since high school SIMPLY because I chose to unfollow them on Twitter. And I’m not making this up! I was at a club one night and I bumped into one of my homegirls. I attempted to speak and she blew me off! I asked her why and she was like “you fake. Guess since you unfollowed me on Twitter that means we ain't cool no more". I tried to explain to her that I unfollowed her because of excessive drama in my timeline, but she wasn't havin' it. I found it funny. Just because someone unfollows you on Twitter or doesn't add you on Facebook doesn't mean it's not love. It just means the subject matter you put out doesn't interest them. On the flip side, just because someone DOES add you on a social networking site, doesn't necessarily mean you're friends.

At the end of the day...

Someone following you on Twitter is NOT a form of validation. Sadly, some people look at it that way. It's like (depending on who the follower is status and popularity-wise), people need that to feel official. I never cared. When I go to follow someone it's out of genuine interest. Some people only do it because they're vain and want a follow back to increase their follower count. That's lame to me. There's definitely more to like. Sites like Twitter/Facebook are SOCIAL NETWORKING sites! Meaning this: Be social and network. All that other stuff is doin' WAY too much!


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