State Of The 'Rowe: We Gotta Do Better

One of my biggest pet peeves about the black community is when we blame white people for our shortcomings. If we can't find a job, we blame white people. Can't finish school, we blame white people (as well as many other things). I just see a whole lot of finger pointing as opposed to looking in the mirror and realizing that more often than not, the problem lies within. Have you looked around lately? You have rappers tattooing ice cream cones and ducks on their face. You got these RIDICULOUS ass Facebook names like Mike Loudpackshawty Tatsallovermyface and Keshia Wetwetbarbie Tastesogood (these ain't real people, but y'all know y'all seen somethin' like that before lol). It's gettin' outta hand. And to make it worse, you have a lot of followers out here; and I ain't talkin' Twitter. There are people out here that pretty much do, say, wear whatever their favorite rapper does. I watched it happen with Wiz Khalifa. Before Wiz, I knew people that were drug free and wouldn't dare get a tattoo. Now? It's "Ink My Whole Body..." and every other tweet is about rollin' up. Now, I'm not one to judge. If you smoke, that's what's up I guess. I don't, but to each his own. I have a few tats, but I don't think I'll ever go the Wiz route. People gotta realize, Wiz gets PAID to have a million tats and be a weedhead. YOU? No. By followin' in his footsteps, you've now DECREASED your chance of having any worth in society. So now you're in a position where you have to find a profession where havin' tats and smokin' weed is "cool". Hence all these "rappers" out here.


We gotta prioritize better, too! I hate when I see somebody with the new iPhone 4, some rare J's, Polo everything, but be at the bus stop. Like, what the hell! Don't get on Twitter talkin' about all the tags you poppin' and you don't have a whip. The only tags you should be tryna pop is some 30-day ones. Club celebrities kill me, too. Y'all know what those are. But if you don't, a club celebrity is someone who basically goes to all the parties with the sole intent of doin' whatever is in their power to look important and attract the opposite sex. Standin' on couches, poppin' bottles, makin' it rain, but you behind in child support/rent/car payments etc? Nah. Chill out.

Ladies y'all ain't exempt. Nope. Y'all gotta cut it out, too. Especially single moms. It seem like they be out here the most, when they should be out here the least! It's like, seriously, if you in the club Friday-Sunday and your child's father is locked up, where the hell is the kid? That's why I'm about to invest in a nightclub daycare center. Nah, but seriously, when you take on the responsibility of becoming a parent, it's time to go another route. I know chicks who see the inside of a club more than they do a job or a classroom. I have no idea how that's gonna benefit their kids in the long run, but maybe they know somethin' I don't.

At The End Of The Day...

It's us. We holdin' ourselves back by choosin' to focus on the wrong things. This ain't the old days. We have the same opportunities as everyone else. Whether you from the hood or the suburbs, you can do whatever you invest your time and effort into. I grew up in the hood, but becomin' a product of my environment wasn't in the cards for me. And I got a lot of friends from the same place who are very successful today. All I'm sayin' is make moves, instead of excuses