State Of The 'Rowe: When Being Famous Goes Wrong

So it appears Chrisqo, I mean Chris Blonde, I mean Chris BROWN, had himself a little meltdown on the day of the release of his latest album called F.A.M.E. (Forgiving All My Enemies, or somethin'. Lol). He was being interviewed on Good Morning America and it was all good until he was asked about the infamous Rihanna incident. It was then that Chris got seemingly irritated and tried to shift the focus on the album. However, after the interview was over, he allegedly went backstage and trashed his dressing room. Smh

My thing is this...

Why is he so mad that people bring this up? Does he not realize that as long as he is a relevant celebrity, EVERYTHING he does, especially the bad stuff, will be a field day for reporters, fans, 'haters', etc? Sure. The incident was two years ago. But Chris and Rihanna are still two very relevant figures in the industry, with huge fan-bases. So it's not like people are just gonna forget what happened. And smashing a chair through a window of a Good Morning America set? Real smooth. Not really. By doing that, he just proved to people that he has serious anger issues and needs to chill somewhere.

As for the fans?

The fans gotta cool out as well. Sure, it's "leave Chris alone!" and "We all make mistakes", but we all aren't celebrities whose every move is in the public eye. If Chris didn't want to be haunted with what happened, then he should have made better decisions that night.  People are so quick to defend these celebs when they mess up. It's pretty corny to be so much of a fan of someone that you totally overlook the fact that they did something wrong. Just like with T.I. I'm a fan of his music, always have been, but he should be UNDER the jail right now. Why? Because if you or I committed the crimes that he did, we would be.

At the end of the day...

Wrong is wrong whether it's you, a family member, or your favorite celebrity and we have to stop making excuses for these people just because we have a great deal of admiration for them.