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This is what they're on in Detroit? Check out the video below to find out exactly what Detroit judge Wade McCree is so proud of!


YOLO Of The Week: "Yep! That's Me! Ain't No Shame In My Game!"

Alright, so I only heard this song once and I was weak from laughing. I had NO idea what this dude was saying. So not only am I translating it for your grandparents, I'm translating it for my damn self! This is 'Cashin' Out' by Ca$h Out.

Translations: Ca$h Out - 'Cashin' Out'

For the ladies who were wondering, yes, we sell clothes for you. See Gina's shirt? Now, I don't know if you'll be able to get your hands on one of these, because it's kind of exclusive, but the next time we have a drop, make sure you cop. Fellas too! Swag your lady out in some 'Rowe!


Flicked featuring @ginasworldd

Check out the newest video from Machine Gun Kelly, off of his Rage Pack mixtape.

VISUALS: @machinegunkelly - 'Chasing Pavements' (Official Video)

Friday, King Vada dropped his 'BCG Untouchable' freestyle, tonight he gives us this joint and it GOES. Download 'Blood Of Jesus' HERE and see for yourself.

DROPS: @KingVada - 'Blood Of Jesus (LEADERS Adidas)'

Ok so this isn't really a 'new' project, but it's new to me. And since it's not mainstream, I'm sure it will be new to you all as well. 


Don't Sleep: @WiseGuyCLE

A couple of weeks ago, Fab A. dropped an ill freestyle over Hov's 'Encore' track. Well, last night, he leaked a track that is believed to be from his upcoming The 10th project and it features the homie P. Blackk. I mess with this track heavy. Download 'MPR' HERE to see if you mess with it as well.

DROPS: @FABRASHAYAPLUS feat @PBlackk - 'MPR' (Prod. by @1derfulMusick)