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Today, Fly Union announced that they would be featured in the Made In America music festival brought to you by Jay-Z and Budweiser. The Columbus trio will be sharing the stage with acts like Pearl Jam, Santigold, Odd Future, Wale, and more. If you plan to make that trip to Philadelphia and want to check out Fly U, they are scheduled for September 1st at 5pm on the third stage.


.@FlyUnion To Perform In Jay-Z's Made In America Music Festival


Nowadays, everybody is a rapper. We all know this. But you know what else everybody is, now? A ‘blogger’. Everybody is a blogger now. So they think, anyway. What a lot of people don’t know is that just like it takes skill to be a good rapper, athlete, etc., it also takes to skill to be a dope blogger that people actually check for. It’s more than just throwing something up on a Tumblr page. Read below as I offer a few guidelines on how to step your blogging game up.

Stop "Blogging" And Start Blogging



It's been a minute, but Flicked is back. You already know what we do here, so all I can say is have your Kingsrowe fits on deck for me to post from here on out.

Today is my birthday. That means Summer ain't over yet. If you don't believe me, just take a look at @mzkayhayz as she rocks her Kingsrowe 'Willie' tank from Summer '12.

Flicked featuring @mzkayhayz

What Lolah Wants, Lolah Gets: My Interview With @LolahBrown


Corey Grand emulates a soulful and funky sound on this episode of Somethin’ To Fu*k With into the workings of his own. The trend in the “Somethin’ To F*ck With” series is to portray Corey’s ever-changing mood and showcase persona through his turntables.

Varsity Squad Presents: Somethin' To Fu*k With: Episode 3 (Mixed by @DJCoreyGrand)


It's been a while since we've posted a replay of Kingsrowe Radio, but I have a feeling that's about to change. We are beyond grateful for those of you who tune in regularly. We are also aware of those that WANT to tune in but can't due to other obligations. Well, that's what the replays are for.

#1BAS: The Replay (July 26, 2012)