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I know, I know. It's gonna be 100 degrees tomorrow and the LAST thing you wanna see is somebody in a Kingsrowe beanie. Well, I don't care. I was digging through my Flicked folder and realized I totally overlooked this. I'm sure she's not wearing that beanie nowadays, but she was swaggin' when she did.


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Flicked featuring @imaRED2

Don't Sleep: @joeyBADASS_

This is some true YOLO shit! If I happened to be in my local Wally World and seen this, I'd be weak as hell for sure!

YOLO OF THE WEEK: Can I Hit It In The... Wal-Mart???


I don't have any proof of this, but I feel like the 'Broke Uncle Williebags' tee from Spring '12 did numbers. I've seen a lot of people rocking this joint. Check out the homie Yhasi in hers.

FLICKED featuring @Slim_Yhasi_B

People lead police on high-speed chases all the time and for various reasons, but this has to be the funniest one. WTF???

WTF WEDNESDAY: Oh, So THAT'S Why You Ran From The Police!


After recently being banned from the Highline Ballroom in NYC, due to incidents like the recent Chris Brown/Drake catfight, Machine Gun Kelly vowed to put out new music to shift the attention away from every negative headline he makes. He hit the studio to go in over the late Notorious B.I.G.'s 'Dead Wrong'. Peep it below.

VISUALS: @machinegunkelly - Dead Wrong (In-Studio Freestyle)

I started to rant about this the other day on Twitter, but then I thought to myself, "You know what? This would make for a good post". So here we are. I was watching the news the other day when they aired a segment on electric cars and how as more people begin to buy them, more electric car charging stations would go up around the city. So far I've only seen two here in the city. One was located in the parking garage of Easton, which is one of our malls here, and the other is located downtown (pictured).

STATE OF THE 'ROWE: Charge It To The Game