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If you're anything like me, then you enjoy watching movies edited for TV just so you can laugh at the words they use to replace the curses. If you're NOT anything like me, well...just watch it anyway!

The Best TV Edit Ever

This new track from Cudi isn't really 'new' at all. It's actually an unreleased track that was supposed to be used in a remake of the classic Street Fighter game. Either way the song GOES! Download it below and see for yourself!


KiD CuDi- Capcom http://www.mediafire.com/?1nfs46g28vycdv6


Be on the lookout for his upcoming mixtape, A Man Named Scott, as well as his album Wizard scheduled to drop later this year.

KiD CuDi- Capcom


It Ain't Funny, But...

That snake don't want them problems.

A Cat With The Illest Reflexes


Everybody knows that my Cavaliers have had one of the worst seasons in the history of our franchise. We've been the butt of nearly EVERY joke around the NBA. But March 29th, 2011 if only for that night, none of that mattered. Why? WE BEAT THE HEAT! Sure, our record still sucks. Sure our season is still over. And sure, the Heat are still going to the playoffs. But the Cleveland Cavs gave their loyal fans the ONE thing that they wanted all season: they handed Lebron a L. It took 4 tries, but they did it.


15-58? So What! We Beat Lebron!


"Some of you know that I'm on Twitter a lot. If you're on there as much as I am, you know it's a place filled with online personalities. I'd say a good 50% (atleast) of the people on there are just showing out for followers. It gave me the idea of taking this false image of a hater and magnifying it for Twitter to see how people would react, and also to promote 'The Critic' character (and blog). I basically trolled Twitter (and a few forums) for a little less than a year.



Ohio Music Drop: Time aka The Critic- Overgrind 2


So it appears Chrisqo, I mean Chris Blonde, I mean Chris BROWN, had himself a little meltdown on the day of the release of his latest album called F.A.M.E. (Forgiving All My Enemies, or somethin'. Lol). He was being interviewed on Good Morning America and it was all good until he was asked about the infamous Rihanna incident. It was then that Chris got seemingly irritated and tried to shift the focus on the album. However, after the interview was over, he allegedly went backstage and trashed his dressing room. Smh

My thing is this...

State Of The 'Rowe: When Being Famous Goes Wrong