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Since being named one of the XXL Freshmen of 2011, Lil B has been doing a fairly good job of capitalizing. He dropped a song that featured hip-hop vets Jean Grae & Phonte (of Big Brother). The unlikely collab surprised a lot of people and upset some, but it is what it is.


Now this...


I personally think this would have been a lil more G if Kanye was actually THERE, but still. Good way to put yourself out there. #Swag!


Sidebar: Please forgive whoever recorded this video. Horrible. Lol

I'ma Let You Finish, But...


If it's one word we probably see and hear EVERY day, it's the B-Word. We hear it in most of the music we listen to, we see it on Twitter, some of us use it in casual conversation, they even let it be said on most television programs these days. It's pretty common. However I feel like the use and misuse of the word is a bit complex.


State Of The 'Rowe: The B-Word

If you enjoyed the 1st one, which can be found right here on Kingsrowe.com, here's the second installment for your iTunes library/CD thing/tape deck. Lol. Enjoy


100 Proof- OB4HL2 (EP) http://www.mediafire.com/?23u4mkz6ardobqz


Ohio Music Drop: 100 Proof Presents: Only Built 4 HyperLinks Issue 2


I kinda took a poll on Twitter to see who the people thought should retire. I also have always had a list of my own. So I put those two together to create this. This list is in no particular order, it's 10 rappers that the people have agreed need to get outta here...


1. Ludacris- Dude you have been rapping about the SAME sh*t since you came out. All you have ever rapped about (with the exception of few songs) is booties and lotion. Go to sleep if you can't show growth as an artist.

10 Rappers Who Need To Retire


Our very own Fabrashay A seems to be droppin' jammer after jammer. Sometimes without even tryin' to! Last night he leaked this joint that didn't make 'The Art Show'. And it GOES! 


Shoutout to A.U. as well on the production


Oh. And you don't have to be a smoker to appreciate this song. I promise. Lol


Download it right here! http://hulkshare.com/ka6ksp5ithz0

Fabrashay A - Bomb Weed Rollin'

The abundance of musical talent in Ohio is ridiculous and it's really starting to show. I can't even begin to express how excited I am about this. The homies Stalley and Rashad were just on 106 & Park this week. That's big! Ohio is at the door. They need to let us in. Listen to artists like Bravo if you still need a good reason WHY Ohio deserves the exposure.


While he's gearing up for the release of 'Standing Ovation Part 2' which is a project he's working on with Cleveland's DJ K-Nyce of The Varsity Squad, Bravo dropped 'Dear Cleveland'. Not an official mixtape, just a dope prelude of what's on deck. Check it out below.


Bravo- Dear Cleveland: The Collection


It's Wednesday again, so you already know what this is! First off, let me say this: R.I.P. to Christopher Wallace aka The Notorious B.I.G. He was a legend, who's music definitely still lives on today


Now, let's get into it...


State Of The 'Rowe: Dear Kimberly