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Here we have the 6th installment of the Leak Jones mixtape series and who better to host it than two of the best DJ's in Ohio. DJ EV has been doin' his thing for a while and DJ Corey Grand has emerged as a force when you talk about DJ's. The tracklist is CRAZY and features songs by Kendrick Lamar, Lupe Fiasco, Wiz Khalifa and Ohio artists like Machine Gun Kelly, Chip Tha Ripper and Bankie Travolta, who you'll hear about a little later. Definitely somethin' you wanna have in your music library.

Download it here: http://www.mediafire.com/?6b4t1bzb39bgugc

DJ EV x DJ Corey Grand Present: Leak Jones 6

Earlier in the week I came across this and couldn't help but crack up. I mean, there's nothin' wrong with showin' a little emotion from time to time, but BIG SEAN??? He has yet to sell ONE record! But by watching this video you'd think he went diamond and won a few Grammys. Kanye can cry. Even Cudi. But Big Sean??? Nah. You don't have the right to be overwhelmed. Not yet. Lol

You Cryin', G???


I've started this new thing called 'State of The 'Rowe'. Here I will address issues within' our community and among our demographic. The intent here is not to offend, but to inform, enlighten, and in some cases empower those around me. Today we will discuss bitter females



State Of The 'Rowe: Bitter Females

WTF? Malice of the Clipse and some VERY bizarre behavior. Apparently this is promo for an upcoming project. I ain't coppin'. Lol




Last month the homie Jordi dropped the teaser video. Well here's the actual song and it definitely looks like Lupe Fiasco is on his conspiracy theory tip this time around. Far cry from the robots and skateboards he's rapped about in the past. Overall this is a solid track. He went in! Check it out below.


Words I Never Said- CLICK HERE to download


L.A.S.E.R.S. is scheduled for a March 8th release date


Lupe Fiasco- Words I Never Said

I ain't gon' lie, I never heard these raps from 'Pac before, so when I first heard this I was trippin'. But this is hilarious to me nonetheless. 2Paca Flocka Flame! Lol

'Pac Is That You???


Unless you've been under a rock lately, you know that Philly P is one of the most solid artists in Ohio right now. His freestyle he dropped on 107.5 last week was CRAZY and can also be seen right here on Kingsrowe. Check out his latest joint titled 'Standing on the Block'. #OhioStandUp!

Philly P- Standing on the Block (produced by A.U.) http://hulkshare.com/bxqwr2p3nqzx

Ohio Music Drop: Philly P- Standing On The Block (Produced by A.U.)