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WTF WEDNESDAY: Womp And Circumstance

Fresh out of the baby-making game is my homie Lexy aka Alexis Kaye aka Lexy Kaye aka... ok, I'm done. Kingsrowe Summer '12 hit the streets last Friday and one of the items that has the people talking is the Kingsrowe socks. As you can see, Lexy has her pair and well, yea, it's looks like she really enjoys them. Thanks Lex!


FLICKED featuring @LexyKaye

Corey Grand wanted to drop a monthly mix, which he has dubbed as ‘Somethin' to Fu*k With’, that reflects his ever-changing mood.  This series can be interpreted as a break to the norm, as he strives to do so on a daily basis.

DROPS: @DJCoreyGrand - Somethin' To Fu*k With: Episode 1

STATE OF THE 'ROWE: In My Opinion...

.@LupeFiasco Announces A Release Date For 'Food & Liquor 2'

Things are falling apart in Washington, DC and by the looks of it, this dude has had enough.

YOLO OF THE WEEK: "Let My People Go!!!"

Well, he may not be making any noise musically, but Juelz Santana is definitely making a case as a practical joker. Check out this video to see reason #578 why I don't smoke.


...Listenin' to PRANKSTA music, Aye! *Juelz Santana voice*


*We at Kingsrowe.com do not promote or encourage the use or marijuana. By the way. We just like funny shit!

Juelz Santana Plays Too Much