"What's the Skinny?" - Dude edition

6a00d83451d48a69e200e54f63d2668833-800wi I posed a question to several of my male friends, "What topics would you like me to cover?" and suprisingly enough, I got a lot of requests to over men wearing Skinny jeans! So today I will give my input on how I feel about men wearing Skinny jeans. To say the least, 'baggy' clothing has been a controversial issue within the African American community. Though there is not one clear indication to how baggy originated, it is favored by African American men but not limited to - women and people of other races and cultures have indulged in the trend too. So here we are, 2009 and times are changing rapidly. Of the many changes undergone this year, the urge to to wear baggy clothing has slowly declined. With the rise of Punk and Emo music new fashion has emerged and one of the biggest fashion trends is Skinny leg jeans. It has been brought to my attention that skinny jeans are creating a hoot with men. Why? Many men believe that wearing skinny jeans robs them of their masculinty therefore should only be worn by women. WRONG! Skinny leg jeans is a particular cut of jeans that can be worn by both sexes; similar to bootleg jeans. I don't see a problem with men wearing skinny jeans. I feel that fashion is all about change and change is inevitable. So I pose the question what is REAL problem with wearing skinny leg jeans (well ruling out the fact the possibility of discomfort)? Skinny jeans has been adopted by several celebrities and has been seen in major runway shows, so why is it such a problem? [caption id="attachment_8071" align="aligncenter" width="441" caption="Lil\' Wayne looking Fashionable in his Skinny\'s"]Lil' Wayne looking Fashionable in his Skinny's[/caption] chrispharrell