Almost time to say goodbye...

So, I am re-adding "blogger" back to my business card and will be making my presence known a little more here on the site. Just so that you know, Kingsrowe.com will be going through some structural changes in the approaching months. The main page will be a little less random and more forcused on what we do, while you will be able to find more from your favorite people and their antics by clicking their individual buttons. If you want to see more music, simply click the music tab and posts will appear out of absolutely nowhere. Easy. The same will apply for other categories. I will explain further when the time goes, but basically we're trying to give you more of us.


Last night we pulled another all nighter at the office preparing for our Fall Kingsrowe post, the radio show, and Winter Kingsrowe line (believe it or not, we're behind the rest of the industry). This, being our first office if you don't count my mom's basement or my living room, has been a heck of a start to our program. First off, we clearly underestimated the amount of space we would needed to opperate. Often times it was 7 men and Aba in one cramped room with 4 chairs and a lot of sitting on tables, but we continue to make due with what we have. Box on top of box, tee on top of tee in one heck of a cramped space will build character in anyone. With only two racks, and a mile between our office and the nearest loading dock, getting inventory in and keeping it organized has been enough hassle to last a life time. Imagine carrying 9 huge boxes full of tees through a lobby, up an elevator, down 3 halls and through the door just to sort, organize and take most of them right back out. Bruh.. 

It wasn't a bad experience though. Like I said, it gave us a neutral place to learn and grow. We've accomplished a lot by just having a creative space, and the great thing about it is that the ideas are just starting to come to life. It will be interesting to see what the future holds.

I am glad and sad to know that we will be out of here... soon enough. We've been humbled by the experience. 

ps. Rell never put the gloves on, so he must be scared of Jordi.