AnimalHouse 3 FT Kendrick Lamar & Fabrashay A. [Recap Video & Pics]

I know I know... this recap is hella past due. It's been a minute since our last show, October 14th, 2011 to be exact. At the time I was celebrating my 24th birthday which was dope to share with Kendrick Lamar, the TDE crew, and my hometown Columbus, OH. A packed Skully's raged out to the sounds of Overly Dedicated & Section 80. The event was definitely a night to remember. Close to 800 people filled Skully's to see Kendrick and Fabrashay A. Kendrick also brought Columbus natives Fly Union out to perform a couple songs. Below is a visual recap of the night including pictures shot by my homie @G4Mikey & an interview w/ Kendrick done at Sole Classics by our very own Dez Arnez

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Power to the whole TDE camp. They're defintiely onto something out west when it comes to this music sh!t. Check the #AnimalHouse3 hashtag on Instagram. People uploaded some pretty cool pics. Our next show is around the corner. Checkout the trailer on the @AnimalHouse_ twitter page and visit www.AnimalHouseShows.com for more info. We'll be annoucing the lineup sooner than later.