DezNDurl Takeover Mixshow! Sept. 14, 2011

As if you didn't already know, Kreg and Dez are two very different people with two very different takes on music. So not Kreg has his second show "Speakeasy" and Dez is introducing himself and DJ Durl with their taste on music with The DurlNDez Takeover Mixshow! This show will air every Wednesday night from 10pm until midnight on DPSradio.com. The purpose of the show will be to not only play music that the hosts love, but to showcase local Hip-Hop & R&B talent from all over the world, so if you know anyone who you think is hot please email dezarnez (at) kingsrowe.com. You can download the replay right here on Kingsrowe.com or all of them together by downloading the TuneIn app and typing in "Da People's Street Radio" from DPSradio.com.

So download the show by CLICKING HERE and enjoy.