DROPS: "Roses are Dead" - @Supanatra

Just in time for Valentines Day, Supanatra (also known as Sinatra) drops an ill soundtrack for the season titled "Roses are Dead". Fitting. Far from a lonely cry for help, Supa wanted to capture the lost art of love. "Roses", symbolizes "love", translating to mean love itself is dead. Clear and simple right? But, like I said, this isn't a woman bashing or holiday bashing project, it is more of an eye opener to the meaning of love. 

"With our generation, many factors of lust, betrayal, and loyalty conflict the true meaning and value of what love is. Many no longer recognize it when it appears, confusing themselves at times,thinking something is love, when it really isn't." - Sinatra

The project ends with a story of a relationship where one individual finds themselves more in love than the other. And by running from it to something
unfamiliar, both
individuals to realize the true meaning of the word in the end. The project comes from the heart (no pun intended) and are everyday
situations that Sinatra has been through, or have witnessed through
others experiences... I know that was pretty mushy, but don't get it twisted. Exec Gang.