DROPS: Willie the Kid & Naledge "State of the Union" prod by @SupaNatra

Shoutout to SupaNatra (formally known as Sinatra) on the production for this track. You already know 'Nat can rap, but I'm not 100% sure everyone knows that he moonlights as a producer.. and a good one. A student to super-producer 'Bink', Sinatra has had his hands in a lot of projects that you've heard, but we will always remember him here for the crazy job he did on Kreg & Dez's "Cusswords". Word is that this is the first single off of an untitled joint EP from Willie the Kid & Naledge of Kids in the Hall, announced as of last night. Other production is rumored to be done by "Snow" and "AU' of the ExecGang as well.

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD or listen below


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