Get to Know with @NanaBCool: Listen To His Latest Song 'Crazy Baby'

One of the emerging artists from a region with a hot bed of talent Nana B, a graduate of Wooster has been making music for a couple of years and quality music at that. His latest single titled, 'Crazy Baby' is about a tumultuous time in his life and past relationships. I sat down with Nana B after the release of the single to talk about his latest project #RM102 where he works with @FlyUnion's @JaySwifa, @Iyeball and another up and coming talented artist in @FabrashayA. We also discussed local talent, bug a boo's and some of his influences. Here's what he had to say...

Ronnie Mo: How long have you been making music? What got you started?

Nana B: I've been writing singing/songs since I was about 7 but I've been seriously recording for about 4 years now. My Pops got me started by introducing me to Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, and Miles Davis as a kid.

RM: You've been dancing too for a long time right?

Nana B: Yea I got into dancing first, like real young, thats probably what made me get into singing, because they both go hand in hand.

RM: So you've been performing for a while. There's a lack of good stage performers in music right now. Is there anyone who influences today?

Nana B: The last good stage show I saw was probably K'naan you could tell that guy put his all into the show. As far as influences on stage show I cant think of anyone today but i always go back and look at old James Brown vids,I look at Jackie Wilson and of course Michael Jackson.

RM: You've collobarated with @JaySwifa from @FlyUnion on your newest single #crazybaby. How'd that working relationship come about?

Nana B: Yea i reached out to him in September of 2011 and we vibed on a number of different tracks so we decided to collaborate on my whole project.

RM: Seems like a lot of talent coming out of the midwest in recent years and especially in Ohio. What do you think local artists have to do to get more national attention? Or does the music just count for itself?

Nana B: First I think the music has to be on point but I feel like all the artists, bloggers, listeners etc have to show support and represent for the artist as much as possible, and hopefully the buzz will carry over into other States.

RM: Listening to #crazybaby and it seems like there's a funny story behind it. Art imitating life?

Nana B: (Laughs) Yeah if that's what you wanna call it.

RM: Hahaha. So it's safe to say #crazybaby is a true life NanaB story?

Nana B: Yuup.

RM: Where can new fans find your previous work and when is your upcoming project slated to drop?

Nana B: You can check me out at deydreamin.com or on Twitter at @NanaBcool. The project, #RM102 should be dropping Oct 2, 2012 but I will be dropping a couple more singles in between the time of the release.

RM: We look forward to hearing from you.

Nana B: Thanks.


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