"I Be That Pretty MF". A$AP Rocky In Columbus, Ohio

So ASAP Rocky and Chase n Cashe were scheduled to have an instore meet and greet session at Sole Classics at 2pm today. I had to work until 3pm, so I figured I would probably miss the entire instore by the time I got off and got down to Sole Classics. I got a text message right before I was on my way to Sole Classics saying ASAP wasn't going to make it. So I'm like dang, that sucks, I know people are salty about that.  I got to Sole Classics and the store was cleared out, except some Kingsrowe fam chillin' and kickin' it.  Then out of nowhere Yaves called and said "I'm about to bring ASAP through real quick", I said "Huh?". He repeated himself, and I was like "oh ok. Dionte, Yaves said him and ASAP are about to come through".  Dionte, Dez, and Rell looked at me with a confused look on their face as if I was lying. I wasn't and shortly after the phone call ASAP and his crew showed up and kicked it with us for a minute. ASAP and his people were definitely cool. Salute

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