I Heard 'Em Say: When Worlds Collide By @TheLuckiStar

You may know him as the Street Pastor, you may see him rocking the latest and greatest Kingsrowe gear from head to toe, and soon you will see him teamed up with one of the most talented musical influences in the industry today.  His other half is by far no rookie in the music biz, but more like a veteran.  

Founding member of Fatty Koo; BET's series Blowing Up Fatty Koo, this musical genius has had the opportunity to learn and work with some of the best entertainers in the music industry. Now coming together, in my opinion, as greatest alliance ever created, these two musical machines are bound to produce a new sound so powerful and so innovative that they will change music forever! Get familiar with this dynamic duo because history is in the making! Their fresh, electrifying sound will be bumping through your speakers in no time.  A new genre of Christian music is on the rise and it will spark when these two worlds collide!