Solecial Club Presents: Shared Soles Shoe Drive

A few months back I was chilling with my co pilot Rich aka @Rich21Kid and the topic of giving came up. We thought it was about time to plant that seed in our city. Nike has went crazy with these releases since the fourth quarter of 2011 and the reign has yet to let up. I say that to say, if we the sneaker community can spend 2 to 3 hundred dollars a month and some of us weekly, we can afford to GIVE. Honestly though I'd like your donation to have some sacrifice in it as well. Don't just donate a pair of beat shoes just because. Give something that you know would possibly brighten someone's day. I personally took two pair of hardly worn shoes still in the box and put them up for grabs, so I'm not asking my city to do something I would'nt ask of myself. All the proceeds will be donated to Community Partners, a local foundation that will get these on our locals around Columbus. I always criticize the country for not taking care of our own, so with this being the first shoe drive I've ever constructed, I'd like to give to back to the city. Lets make this first run a success and somethiing that we coudl possibly do anually. Remeber there is always someone out there not as fortunate as you and could always use that extra boost knowing that someone out there cares. There will be a drop box at Sole Classics. 765 North High St suite B. Donations will be rewarded with 15% off your next purchase. As a sneaker community and as I'd like to call it, a sneaker nation , it is our responsibility to be SOLECIABLE!!!