The 2011 All Thirst Team by @DezArnez & @The_Rell

Well as some of you may know 2011 was the year of the Thirst. Niggas showed thirst high and low and without a care in the world. No matter who it was or whether the chicks deserved the thirst or not. Well we're here to tell you that 2012 will be the year of all visible thirst everything! Forget creeping in DMs at 3am on a Wednesday just hop in them mentions and see what that @ button can do for you.
To start off the all visible thirst movement me & my partner in crime @DezArnez are bringing you the #Top11of11 Visible Vixens. Now visible means in arms reach of us here in Columbus, Ohio and the surrounding areas.
We really don't care about your man or your dalliances for that matter. If we seen you in 2011 you're eligible to be a Dez&Rell #VisibleVixen. There's no order here folks just two guys that like beautiful women in all shapes, sizes and dispositions.
BrayanaAshley/@BrayanaAshley - Me and Dez both agreed on this Visible Vixen. She's a student at Ohio State and seems to have her head on her shoulders with nice mammaries underneath but enough of all that, look at that beautiful skin tone. How can you be mad at a beautiful brown skinned babe such as this? She has thick, long black hair. Who really cares if it's hers or not and look at those dimples. You can fit a nickel in those things. You don't agree? We don't care! 
@Dezarnez - I couldn't agree with my pimp playa patna Rell anymore. This young lady is stacked like the Waffle House on a Saturday when the club let's out. Who doesnt love a college girl? I'm pretty sure her DM's are flooded with thirst and I don't blame any of you creeper jeepers one bit. Brownskin/Darkskin have definitely been my flavor lately and Brayana Ashley is the youngest person to make this list. 

Tyler Marie/@TySoFly - Now if you don't know Tyler is the homie and she's always shows support but that's not why she made this list. Shes a light skinned goddess who drinks Henny and parties and bullshit like everyone else. I've seen the thirst get real with this one so watch out, but none the less she's always nice to look at!

@Dezarnez- Yes, Tyler is the homie and she can talk shit with the best of 'em. But when she throws a pic up on Instagram it gets more likes then a @myfabolouslife pic. Her Instagram pics can go triple and four quadraple before you can refresh the page. I can't get real detailed on this one because she is like one of the fellas. If one of the fellas looked like an Angel with a fat glutious maximus. Pause if needed. 

Brittany Wink/ @_BMarie - Nice high cheek bones, flat stomach, hair always did. Need I say more? No you say? Too bad I'll keep going. There is no discrimination from us if you can't tell already, we love all shades & yet another brown skin babe makes the list. Hooray for equal rights.

@dezarnez- Yall thought I wasnt going to throw Wink on this list? Think again my friend. The thirst is real and its no shame in my game. Wink has a pretty smile. She's funny and a  care free lifestyle. She had me ready sing "Trade it all" on her thirst-a-gram pics and like the Kendrick Lamar song says "SHE NEEDS ME."

Delaney Lynne/@DelaneyLynne - Light skinned, long straight hair or short curly it really doesn't matter. Tatted up in all the right places and I don't know what color those eyes are but I'm sure if you look into them long enough you can see the waves off the Pacific Ocean. This might be the thirstiest, most romantic thing I've ever said. You're welcome Delaney.
@dezarnez This little lightskin bundle of joy right here is awesome. Makes you want to walk down Bexley eating Ice Cream and laugh at whatever she says no matter if its corny or not. I have seen her rock many styles and I love em all. Take notice of where her tats are if you see her out. Talk about prime real estate.

Bartender can you refill my thirst sippy cup please because I'm going to be here for a while.

Ms. Gola/MartaMoscato - @Dezarnez - Marta G or Ms. Gola if you nasty!!!!!!!. This right here is another one of my personal favorites. Can you say "Lets go half on a baby?"

Yep the thirst is that real dripping threw my veins. Just look at her and tell me you dont want to trap this for eternity. Many a nights I've thought of re-creating the "Ghost" pottery scene with Marta except instead of making pottery, we'll use injera. 

Chels/ch3ls_h - @dezarnez - This probably as close as I'm going to get to Alicia Keyes but thats cool with me. Oh and wait until you meet her alter ego "Judy."
This is the homie so you won't see me say anything too reckless about Chels but since she wants to be an Instagram Beauty of the Week so bad I thought I'd give her an even bigger honor and put her on this list. From yours truly, "Hollywood Dezi."

S.Marie/Lovely_smarie - @dezarnez Like the great American Philosopher Waka Flocka Flames once said "Light Cute, Thick, OH MY GOD!" Yeah buddy if you want me in the Republic, just make sure she's working and I'm in there faster than you can say, 'Thirst Monger.'
 I'll probably even tip her and won't even buy a drink because it's just that real.
Sade/Sade_renee1 - @dezarnez Now Sade was high on everybodys thirst list this year. Let's just keep it all the way funky.

"She got an ass that will swallow up a g-string and up top uh, two bee stings." She is a tall glass of Patreeeezy fellas and you've got to be cautious on those curves. You know how we feel about footers so it's no surprise Sade Renee made the list. You had a hella of a year and there's no way we can pay you back but we want to show you we appreciate those Instagram pics.

C burris/Cburris3 - @dezarnez Around these parts we call her "Thick Booty Diva" and it's obvious why. This Darkskin vixen has alot of swag and as you can see her pics speak for themselves and so does the impending thirst.
Not only is she carrying enough vegetation in her hind parts to feed a third world country but she slings weaves out her trunk with the best of them. I rest my case your honor.

Gabby/TitsandTats - When I say tatted, I mean it! Shorty is TATTED up! She also has the body of a goddess *In My best T-Pain voice* and in my opinion owns the dopest collection of pics on Instagram period.
She uses her filters and angles to perfection. Even if she puts up a smiley face she'll get at least 100 likes!

Raequel Mosley/Quelz_Ley - I know y'all didn't think we were gonna leave her off the list? C'mon now! There was no chance of that happening. Last but defintely not least.

Quelz is everything you need in a light skinned goddess. Nice petite figure, beautiful eyes that you could look into for the rest of your life(OMG that was a thirst combo right there) and hair that I wanna play in like The Dream and she seems like she can hold a conversation.

@TheRell- The thirst is real with this one and for good reason. Plus my friend wants to know if she's single so get back to us on that one people. We need answers.

So those are 11 of our favorite ladies this year and they are all varied from the rest. Whether they're lightskinnded, darkskinnded, thick or thin, single, involved or Mothers they are all proof Columbus has some of the most beautiful women around. 

As always let us know what you think and if we missed anyone that you think is a good candidate let us know in the comments.