It's the third week of January and most of us are already suffering from election fatigue. Sometime during last night's South Carolina debate, the 948th debate in this election cycle alone I thought about skullfucking Ronald Reagan's dead corpse if only to get away from tricky candidates dodging tricky questions in front of a shitty crowd of South Carolinaians(Myrtle Beach excluded.)

Even with all that, last night's debate was pretty raucous. It had everything you want in a Republican Debate like guys who worked in the media lashing out about the media, tax income questions, subtle racism, teleprompter jokes and Ron Paul being adorable. 


SON! No one does mad like Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich. Dude totally bitchslapped CNN's John King for opening up the debate on the story that Newt asked his 2nd wife for an, 'open marriage.' That's white people talk for 'side bitch' if you're scoring at home. 

Newt Gingrich treated that question like his first wife. He totally left John King's question dying in the hospital of cancer so he could sleep with other questions.(Failed joke).

Wasn't NaughtyByNewt the same dude who hunted down President Clinton for getting a couple of blowjobs in the Oval Office. Now he's crying foul because he has a few salacious sex scandals?

He has all the momentum now going into Saturday and could prolong the Republican primaries if he eeks out a win. F##K ME!

Ron Paul Adorable Grampa

Even though Congressman Paul hasn't embarassed himself so far he's still getting ignored. John King didn't even want to ask him about abortion until a few Paul supporters in the crowd hissed like a gang of prebuscent school girls. 

Oh yeah he continued his streak alive of claiming he was the first candidate to vote a certain way, or speak up about certain issue to 931 straight debates. The Joe Dimmagio of Debate records.

I'm going to follow in line with the elite media and ignore Ron Paul for the rest of this blog.

RomneyRobot Meltdown

God I hate this fucking prick. Even though Santorum is a gay hating self repressed faggot and Newt Gingrich is a racist fuck who left his wife with cancer at least they have human emotions. At least they feel things one way or the other. When I look at Romney I see Presidential hair, a Brooks and Brothers gift certificate and Patrick Bateman peeling off the facial mask. He simply is not there.

LOOK AT THIS SHIT HERE CUZ! Look at how he interacts with these black kids on MLK day 4 years ago.

He quotes the fucking Baha Men. WTF!

Christ this is the Republican presumptive nominee? Lee Siegal of the New York Times wrote about Romney has a good shot at winning because he's a stark contrast to Obama in every way imaginable. Basically that he's the whitest white guy that ever ran for President.

I wish CNN kept stats like this. I'd love to see Romney's White Pigment Per(W.P.P.) up against Barry Goldwater. http://campaignstops.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/01/14/whats-race-got-to-do-with-it/

Just so you know I crunched the numbers and Romney is more white but Goldwater is more clutch in the 4th. 

Last night Romney faltered so bad it was so good. Watch his face plastic face melt off when his brain generator realizes he's being booed for dodging a direct and simple question.

How do you whiff so bad? Especially on a question relating to your Pappy? Holy Oepidus Batman.


Damn! Santorum was on yesterday. Never mind that he'll be caught up in a gay twink airport restroom stall sex scandal in a couple of years this guy is surging right now. He calls himself a compassionate conservative. Unless if you're a woman, Muslim, Black or gay. OMG! Imagine if you were a Gay Black Muslim Women? OVERLOAD!

Funny to note Santorum was the only candidate who kinda agreed with the SOPA bill that's being tossed around Congress. 

Senator Santorum doesn't want the Internetz to be anything goes. Hmmm I wonder why? Let's google his name and see what pops up shall we?

JACKPOT! http://spreadingsantorum.com/ Santorum really  means: The frothy mixture of lube and fecal matter that is sometimes the by-product of anal sex.


Kingsrowe will be covering the 2012 Presidential Race all year so stay tuned for inappopriate jokes, misinformed opinions and things you can read here that you can read anywhere.