5 On It: 5 Funny Ass News Clips

The news is supposed to be two things: Informative and for the most part serious. The latter of the two is the exact reason why it's so funny when random, unexpected things happen live on air. Of the millions of funny news clips I have, I decided to pick five to share. If you need a laugh, you're in the right place.


5. Reporter Spazzes On Trolling Bystander

What was funny about this video is the fact that not once, not twice, but THREE times did this guy troll her report. I'm not quite for what he did at the end, but her chasing him off the set is PRICELESS! 


4. The Fly

Notice his voice in the beginning and how proper it is. He went from talking like a Harvard grad to sounding like one of my uncles in about 3 seconds flat! This makes me wonder how ALL black reporters are off camera.


3. Strut That Ass

I can't imagine anything would be funnier to a reporter than a drunk old man ambushing the set while they're trying to record a segment. That's exactly what happens here.


2, Model Behavior

Sometimes something funny happens and the people laughing become funnier than the joke itself. Watch the video to find out what has them so weak.


1. Lights, Please

My grandma gets on me ALL the time about laughing at this, but I don't care funny is funny. Plus, she lived, so elle oh elle.



This was something that made it's way to the timeline of a group chat between members of The Rowe and myself. Initially we thought it was a certain 'Columbus Twitter' inductee, which would have made this video even funnier. It's still funny as hell nonetheless. What's not funny is that they want to charge the guy for assault.