Babe Madness!

Yes you seen right!! This is BABE MADNESS!! 64 babes 1 goal!! Who is
the Baddest chick in the game? We are here to figure it out once and for
all!! With a anonymous panel we got the babes down to 64. One of your
favorite girls didn't make the list?? It doesn't matter. We got 64 of
the baddest hottest sexiest chicks in the world (according to OUR standards), put them in a bracket
and winner takes all as the 1st BABE MADNESS champion! Now before you blow a fuse, we decided to ex out certain Hall of Famers like Beyonce', Halle Berry, Angelina Joilie and a few others. Just like the Doug Flutie throw winning top play of the century 200 times a year, no one wants to see them cruise easily to victory because of their popularity. We chose some stallions, some lookers and some swaggers and made this list of 64. Check out the bracket below tell us what you think.
Now I know some people are looking at this like "who are some of these
chicks?", so we will have all the names and pics up of the babes on Kingsrowe.com
soon... For now go down to Sole Classics pick you up a bracket or print
one out and have fun with it. A panel of experts have been selected to
pick the champion.... Soon you'll understand!!! Lol


Let the games begin,