The Best and Worst of Randy Moss

As @DBELL_ (aka The Fondz) recently covered, reports surfaced that Randy Moss was calling it quits. He was linked to the Jets, Patriots, Colts and Steelers as late as last week but apparently decided they weren't as interested with him as he was with them.

Over 13 seasons he amassed 954 catches, over 14 thousand yards receiving and 153 TD's. Moss retires as a first ballot Hall of Famer and one of the most entertaining, enigmatic athletes of the past generation.

I was too young to remember Jerry Rice's prime but Moss was the greatest WR I ever saw. Let's count down 10 of his most memorable moments. The good, the bad and the "I can't believe he wore that at a Press Conference".

10. Randy loves Revis Island

After a week worth of trash talk from Mr. Archipelago himself, Randy Moss absolutely embarasses Revis Island with a one handed catch. Revis comes up limping to go along with the hurt ego while Randy doesn't even break a sweat.

9. Full Moon in Lambeau

Packer fans are famous for shooting the moon at opposing players and Moss gives them a dose of their own medicine; much to the chagrin of All Pro Douchebag Joe Buck. What an over reaction from the one of the worst commentators around. He was more appalled at this than excited about the David Tyree catch in Super Bowl XLII.

I've gotten 6 years out of, "WHAT A DISGUSTING ACT!" ..So maybe Buck is good for something.

8. Moss Body Double

Hilarious. Moss notices a fan in the stands who looks eerily similar to himself.

7. Record Breaking Season

When Moss and Brady hooked up in 2007, you knew it was curtains for the rest of the NFL; except the Giants. 23 TD's. Almost all highlight reels with 2, 3, 4 players draped all over him.

6. Randy Moss Fashion Week

In 2010, the Freak just made weird press conference appearings after weird press conference appearings. He takes after his Coach in that sense. Do all people from West Virginia dress like this?

5. Monday Night Moss

Monday Night Football was Moss' coming out party. He helped break the Packers 25 game home winning streak, highlighted by this circus catch - YUCKH!

4. Straight Cash Homie

"Straight Cash Homie" needs to be engraved in his tombstone. This was awesome when it happened 7 years ago and it's still awesome today. Randy Moss wonders aloud, "What's 10 thousand to me?" and promises the next time he gets fined he's going to, "Shake his dick" at em.

3. Catch + Lateral

After another insane catch 50 yards down the field, the Freak decides to try something crazy and it works.

2. Thanksgiving Day 1998

In front of the whole country Moss destroys America's team on a full stomach. John Madden makes the obvious turkey joke. I miss that guy.

 1. TD #1

You always remember your first TD and what a sick one too. "There's going to be nightmares for Cornerbacks in the NFL when they go against Randy Moss." Certainly prophetic.