The Dirty People Syndrome by @The_Rell

Yep, it's @The_Rell yet again with some more sh*t to say!!! No matter your opinion, I'm always right on my blog. So just sit back, read, and take notes!

First, this is no sneak diss or shots at anybody!!! I want to see all my people prosper and be victourous in life! Also, nothing against people who aren't financially stable enough to wear the most expensive clothes and shoes and what not! I'm not saying I'm the best dressed guy in the world and I'm not asking you all to dress like me or the people I hang with. I'm just asking you all to stop looking so dirty!!!! Gottttt Dammnnnnn come on people!!

Fellas. For real. I thought we were past this... Y'all are still wearing fake kicks???? For real dawg!!! People are still out here paying hard earned dollars on fake Jays, B!! Nahhhhhh, I didn't see somebody with some fake Griffeys tho!!!!! I can tell y'all must have failed 'Chilling' in school! Guys are walking into their local corner store and spending crisp $20 bills on fake shoes while stores are selling all white forces for $70!!! That can't be life, fam!!! Take that money you worked so hard for and spend it on some shell toes or something. Hell, even some Chucks or Vans will do!! But wearing fake shoes has to stop NOWWWWW!!!

But yooooooo y'all cats with these dirty white tees tho!!! You must be stopped immediately!!! We know you can get one inital wear and maybe, just maybe two wears out of a crispy white V-Neck but that is absoulutely it! After that it's a hoop tee, a shirt you dry your car with, or something you just throw on to make a run! I'm seeing people at the malls and clubs with a fresh fit but dirty tee on smh. C'mon man. They are 5 for $10 at Wal-Mart, G!! Oh yeah, only get Hanes. Don't you dare disrespect your skin and try to get those Fruit of the Loom tees just because you get 6 for $10!! If it isn't good enough for the greatest basketball player in the world, Michael Jordan, then it isn't good enough for you!

Another thing... can y'all please stop wearing these ugly ass snap
backs!!!!! Y'all driving snapbacks into the ground!! Dudes will throw anything on they head just because it has a few snaps instead of a fitted smh. Y'all making me sick! I've seen the ugliest snapbacks ever at the store and on your heads. Just because it's a snapback doesn't make it sweet, B!! If you're smart and have an eye, you'd only buy a Retro SnapBack like actually from the 80s and early 90s, or of course a Sole Classics or Kingsrowe Snapback. That's about it.

I'm fully convinced that most of you dudes don't have any friends! There is no way possible that you can! Friends wouldn't let friends walk outside with jean shorts on NO FU*KING WAY!! Especially the ones that look like they're man capris. There's no way I'm letting one of my homies embarrass me or their whole family legacy by letting them walk outside with man capri jean shorts on, B!!! Y'all have got to be stopped. There is nothing wavy about jean shorts or no variation of jeans that don't end at the ground!!  So fellas, please get better people in your circle because all that has to be stopped as of yesterday.

Ladies, ladies, ladies... I'm not going to be like other people and flat out ban the Old Navy flip-flops, but there is absoulutely no reason why you should be walking around the streets with dirty ones on! Flip-flops are 2 for $5 bucks. That's $2.50 for something to go on your feet that you can walk around in public with and not be ashamed!! You should have at least 2 pairs at the crib in each color just in case. No if, and, or buts about it!! Two dollars and fifty cents, B!!!

Also, ladies, it's not hard for y'all to go to H&M or Forever 21 to get a nice fit for a good price so there is no reason why I should be seeing half the stuff I see in the streets these days!!! This past weekend I actually saw a pair of Jordan heels with my own two eyes!! I thought those were a myth!! Jordan heels were the unicorn and tooth fairy until Friday night!!! I still can't believe my eyes. I haven't took my shades off since smh.

Anyway, back to these flip-flops! If you are going to throw your toes all out there in the open can you please make sure they're not looking like Disheeky's from Don't Be A Menace! That will throw your whole aura off!! I'm also tired of seeing chicks' ankles scrapping against the concrete! Please please please!!! Friends don't let friends cop struggle heels!! Y'all already know what I'm talking about. Chicks are out here with the worst lowest heels in the world and I have to blame the friend because y'all knew that wasn't cool when you picked her up from the crib!!

I can tell when y'all really ain't somebody's friend when you let them walk out the house with a "baby girl" fit on. No way in hell you let your BFF walk out to the club with a shirt that says "BOOTYLICIOUS" on it!! Or jeans with the Baby Phat or Apple Bottom logo on the ass. You have to want that person to fail in life! You can't love somebody with "FANCY" written across they're chest!!! It's a scientific fact.

Oh yeah, no MID FORCES!!! Nobody wants a man or women to be succesful in life with a strap dangling down, bouncing as they walk!!!!!

Y'all can listen to what I have to say or not. I'm just a guy with a friend that
asked me to blog, but at the end of the day I'll still have health insurance and enough PTO to take two weeks straight off!! Peace out... And screen caps are still popping up on my timeline.