Dwyane Wade v Russell Westbrook: Fashion Showdown!

When did routine NBA press conferences turn into avant garde fashion shoots? If you've been following along the NBA playoffs this year you've seen players like Nick Young, Carmelo Anthony, LeBron James, Rajon Rondo and Kevin Durant push the boundaries of swagfashion. 

And for how over the top some of those players have been they're not in the same stratosphere of swagdecadance as Russell Westbrook and Dwayne Wade. Not only has Russell Westbrook morphed into Wade circa 2006 but he's even pushing him for swagchamp of the whole association. It's the Bird-Magic rivalry of podiumswag. 

Would you be surprised if you heard that both Wade and Westbrook have been studying each other's fashion choices over the past month and a half and have been raising the stakes. Neither of these guys are winning Finals MVP especially with Durant and James playing this well but by God they're neck in neck for the first annual PLAYOFFSWAG MVP. If you're keeping count at home I've used 'swag' 5 times in 3 paragraphs(SWAG PER 32.9).

Here's Flash going full Barbie before a Celtics game.

Russell Westbrook paying homage to Sally Jesse Raphael & Steve Urkel's love baby.

Matte Black rimless glasses? Do you remember when D-Wade use to be one of the more intimidating players on the court?

Doesn't this look like the Theo Huxtable/Gorden Gartrell shirt?

Wade looking like the 1st day of school. 

Not going to lie, I have this shirt on back order. 

Does anyone miss the days where Allen Iverson use to wear 5x white tee's, wavecaps, gaudy jewelery and generally didn't give a f##k?