The Golden Globes Drinking Game

Normally I wouldn't call the Golden Globes must see Television mainly because I'd like to think I have a life and obviously because I'm straight.

But after Ricky Gervais spent all of last year's Award show insulting every famous person in the room you might want to tune in for some high level trolling. Even though Gervais spent all of last year milking his Golden Globes appearance and he does seem pretty proud of himself, it doesn't take away from the fact that all the famous people in the room will be squirming in their seats tonight. So here's your chance to stick it to the 1% America!

You have to watch tonight just for Gervais, but if that's not enough here's a drinking game that will get you through tonight's festivities.


-Anytime Ricky Gervais mentions last year's performance

-Anytime someone comments on Rooney Mara's and Michael Fassbender's nudity scenes

-When someone makes a joke that they're telling him/her to wrap up his acceptance speech already

-Everytime the cameras find Ryan Gosling, George Clooney, Brad Pitt. If they show all three back, to back, to back take three drinks.

-Anytime anyone ever says anything political. Hollywood knows it's an election year.

-If one of the nominees or winners throws a verbal jab at Ricky Gervais

-If Christopher Plummer throws an actual jab at Ricky Gervais


-Someone goes on about gay rights, global warming or Occupy Wall Street

-Anytime you see a black person

-If you see three black people in a row take three drinks

-If the camera finds a black person on screen after Morgan Freeman wins his Honorary Award take four drinks

-After the crowd hisses after a mean Gervais joke

-Zoey Deschanel is wearing something ironic

-A winner thanks the little people, their pets or their pool boy


-Someone says something about atheism

-If someone you've heard of wins Best Picture, Best Director or Best Actor

-Sofia Vergarga has a nip slip!(PLEASE GOD!)

-Someone mentions the After Party

-Anybody gets a standing ovation because they have cancer, have lost a lot of weight or we haven't seen them in a while

-If my niggas from Game of Thrones or Downton Abbey win anything