I Heard 'Em Say: Dress Codes in Clubs by @The_Rell

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Dress Codes in Clubs

One evening while getting
ready to hit these streets @DezArnez and I asked each other... “WTF is up with
these damn dress codes in the clubs, B???” They out here messing up people's
whole swag and aura with the dumbest rules and regulations since the NFL
started fining for celebrating in the end zone!! Like really, yo?!?! I can't
wear a fitted??? FORREAL DAWG??? Can somebody please show me the statistics
that show people with fitted hats get in more fights than those who don’t???
Can a club owner show me where it says by not allowing fitted hats your club is
an upscale spot?? Nah?!? Oh ok!! So what's the damn point???

Y'all want us to step out
the house without a fresh shape up, get to those club doors, and say "NO
HATS" and act like it's cool? But y'all just let 10 fellas with all red
Dickie fits and Carhart jackets in though??? What kind of sh*t is that? I'm
just trying to figure out why 35 year old Mr. Jones was allowed in with his
Kangol, but my freshly bought Sole Classics fitted ain't allowed to see all the
fine tenders behind those doors? Can someone please find the reason and leave
it in the comment box below!!! I will be forever indebted, and if you are a
light skinned woman I might allow you to have my first born child!!

Oh yeah, another way these bouncers and owners
have joined forces to put a halt to my swagger is by telling dudes "NO
HOODIES." Now I could possibly understand you telling a goon with two
previous felonies to take his hood off in the club or not allowing guys in
general to actually put their hood on; But to just say no hoodies all
together?!?! What part of the game is that?? Y'all do know we live in Columbus,
Ohio right??? It's f*cking freezing outside 8 out of 12 months of the year. Not
only can I not wear hats but I can't wear the only other protection my ears have.
I can't wear that either??? So basically y'all just want my ears to get frost
bite right?? Y'all can't be concerned about my health, well-being or my swag to
get brown skinned tenders with these dumb a** dress code rules. C'mon son, the
real crime is that y'all let people with 5X tees and people that are in direct
fashion violation in y'all "exclusive," "upscale" doors but
won't let all the swaggy Gs with crispy fitted hats in!

That's all I can complain about right now because
this light skinned goddess just DM'd me back so I'm out of here until further
notice!! Y'all keep messing up with y'all chicks and keep letting her RT my
tweets and blogs!!! It's only a matter of time until I invade DM Avenue and let
LOLs lead me to the promise land!!! Peace out people!!!!!