Ice Cube's 'Good Day' was January 20th, 1992

The Internet and society as a whole might've reached it's zenith yesterday when Murk Avenue from murkavenue.tumblr.com decided he had to figure out the exact day that Ice Cube was rapping about 20 years ago when he penned the classic, "Today was a Good Day."

The day in question was January 20th, 1992. *SMOKING GUN*

Here's how he figured it out. 


     “went to short dogs house,

       they was watching Yo MTV


Yo MTV RAPS first aired:

               Aug 6th 1988


Ice Cube's single “Today Was A Good Day” was released on:

               Feb 23 1993


      ”The Lakers beat the SuperSonics”


Dates between Yo MTV Raps air date AUGUST 6, 1988 and the release of the single FEBRUARY 23, 1993 where the Lakers beat the SuperSonics:

      Nov 11, 1988    114-103

      Nov 30, 1988    110-106

      Apr    4, 1989    115-97

      Apr  23, 1989    121-117

      Jan  17, 1990    100-90

      Feb  28, 1990    112-107

      Mar  25, 1990    116-94

      Apr  17,  1990    102-101

      Jan  18,  1991    105-96

      Mar  24,  1991    113-96

      Apr  21,  1991    103-100

      Jan  20,  1992    116-110


Dates of those Laker wins over SuperSonics where it was a clear day with no Smog:

                Nov 30, 1988

                Apr   4,  1989

                Jan 18,  1991

                Jan 20,  1992


     “Got a beep from Kim, and she can fuck all night”


Beepers weren’t adopted by mobile phone companies until the 1990s. Dates left where mobile beepers were availible to public:

                 Jan 18, 1991

                 Jan 20, 1992


Ice Cube starred in the film “Boyz in the hood” that released late Summer of 1991, but was being filmed mid-late 1990 early 1991 and Ice Cube was busy on set filming the movie Jan 18 1991 too busy to be lounging around the streets with no plans. Ladies and Gentlemen..

The ONLY day where:

Yo MTV Raps was on air

It was a clear and smogless day

Beepers were commercially sold

Lakers beat the SuperSonics

and Ice Cube had no events to attend was…


      JANUARY 20 1992

      National Good Day Day


Talk about crack research. Can we get Murk Avenue to solve who killed Kennedy, shot JR and who the hell keeps prank calling me next?