When I look at this pic I can't help but think about Timbaland and Magoo's 2003 smash hit, 'Indian Flute.' It's an epic meditation on intangibility, international relations and committment. At the same time it deepens and enrichens the hookah experience. Look at the sepia tint s0blessed used to display this pic. It's an important message. Crucial really. 

One so important I only have 5% left battery on my phone because I've been staring at it all day. Like Timbaland sings in, 'Indian Flute' "Aaja soniye mein pyar kya, o."
Which is rougly translated to, "DAMN I NEEDZ TO HIT THAT!" 196 people seem to agree. s0blessed is this week's #IBOTW. Come to the front of the dais and accept your prize and don't forget to speak into the mic.

As always I'm Dezi Arnez of the Kingsrowe Crew. Make sure you come out to the ABC Party at the Republic tonight and leave your morals at home. If you have an #IBOTW you want to nominate please contact me at dezarnez@kingsrowe.com All I ask is the Instagram Beauty of the Week look good in scantilly clad clothing and that she's over 18.