Instagram Thirst!!!

I don't know if you follow me or the homie @dezarnez on twitter, but if so we've been trying to let people 
know that the Instagram thirst is by far the funniest thing floating around anywhere that a data plan is needed. The thirst on there never amazes me anymore. The things I've seen have literally made this grown man cry real tears of laughter. It's so many different angles and thirst traps just waiting for the right spectator to float across that half naked pic that the words typed and sent no longer are a surprise.

Me personally, I'm not a fan of the Instagram comment box thirst. Especially to a chick with 1000s of likes and 100s of comments I feel as if my thirst will get lost in the sea of creeps and guys with no real father figures in their lives, so I just hit the like button and keep it moving. But others I see have no remorse in thinking that their outlandish comment will land them squarely in the box of these video vixens, celebs and local babes.

1st Instagram thirst victim is some man without a care in the world and without a sense of reality. This guy right here is from another universe where chicks call strangers numbers just cause you placed them in a comment box for thousands to see!! This fool really thought that Yaris Sanchez called him at 3:16am from a private number to give him a bottle of ice cold water for his thirst. He had to wake up like a 8 year old on Christmas when he seen 2 missed private calls and just knew it was the woman of his dreams. Not only did he think this, but he had the nerve to get back on Instagram and let her know that he missed her calls and wanted her to call at a better convenient time for him. This really had me in real life tears!!!!

Well I'll keep the thirst coming as long as these guys long lost fathers don't magically reappear in their lives. Peace to the Middle East!!!