JoJo... LOL

This has to be the best thing on the internet right now. I hope everyone remembers JoJo Simmons from "Run's House".. yes, Run's son. Yes, exactly who you have pictured in your mind. JoJo has been chasing his father's footsteps since we became apart of our lives years ago on the show. Back when he was asking for keys to the RR Phantom and all that. Well, it seems as if everyone has to grow up someday and the bubble gum rap that he had with the J-5 or whatever you call it is over and dead. JoJo has taken the street route.. he is Jeezy now that Jeezy isn't dropping anytime soon. Listen, not only does JoJo lack the physical appearance, the flow, the delivery, the style, the story or the name to have any sort of street cred (say this out loud: JoJo Gangsta), we ACTUALLY SEEN THIS DUDE GROW UP IN A MANSION! So He's gonna put the pump to our chests and bag our chicks now? If I see anything else from the Simmons family surface on the net it better be some Angela or Vanessa leaks... I hope Diggy makes a diss track.