Men in Black & Three Stooges trailers

Hollywood has really given up hasn't it? Remakes, sequels, triologies galore. I even hear they're remaking Brett Easton Ellis's novel, "American Psycho" again. Christian Bale can't be happy about that. Right Christian? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b_NrL_tzSXg

Men in Black 3

Yeah so Hollywood greenlighted a new Men In Black movie where Will Smith satisfies America's need to see Will Smith interacting with aliens. Couldn't we get another Independance Day before a third Men in Black movie?

Either way Will Smith goes back in time to 1969 where he's to solve the nasty alien problem that plagued the 60's. Also look for him to convict Sirhan Sirhan with the assistance of Lynn "Buck" Compton.

Grade: C+ 

The Three Stooges

So the Three Stooges movie is finally coming out. Look there's Larry David, Snooki and the hot Latino girl from Modern Family. 

And Kate Upton as Sister Bernice is worth the price of admission but where's Shemp? The world needs more of Shemp yo!

Grade: B