The NBA: Where The Crazy Happens(At least this week!)

This week was a perfect example on why us hoop heads are so glad the NBA is back. There were 11 games on the slate on Tuesday and something crazy occured in every one. 

The Wizards finally got their first win. Guys like Luke Walton and Nate Robinson were huge parts of their teams winning and former college rivals Chris Paul and Raymond Felton called each other fat and almost scrapped it out and that was just part of some of the craziness that happened last night. Here are the others.

Darryl Dawkins rocks the Gator Suit & hits on sideline reporter

Gotta love Chocolate Thunder from the planet of Lovetron still doing Darryl Dawkin things like rocking an Alligator suit to the Sixers game and pulling a more responsible Joe Namath with a sideline reporter. YOU GO BOY!

Warriors Owner Joe Lacob is pumped!


Do you think he was more excited that Nate Robinson was single handidly killing the Miami Heat or that David Lee, yeah that David Lee owned LeBron James late in the game? YES! YES!

LeBron keeping the, "LeBrick" meme alive

LBJ is basically having a perfect season thus far. As good as it gets but last night he decided he was going to let David Lee of all people take him out of the game in the 4th Q and OT. I'm convinced he's trolling us now. He's sucking it up late in games as a laugh, an inside joke if you will.

He came up short on Wednesday against the Clippers too.

Kobe drops 48, disses ESPN and eats a baby in the front row

Oh snap! Divorced Kobe is the funniest Kobe yet. Everyone remembers this summer when ESPN ranked the best 100 players in the NBA and Kobe was ranked 7th behind LeBron, Dwight, Dwayne, Dirk, Durant and Rose. Looks like Black Mamba remembers too.

Black Mamba followed it up the next day dropping 40 on the Jazz.

Two random dudes chug beer on the Mavericks bench

What's up with security in Detroit? You would think this arena would be the last place where fans can be this close to players. 

Two random dudes who look like they're from Hilltop are sitting between Vince Carter and Delonte West. The NBA. Where Amazing Happens.