Prospective Guide to Hating 'Think Like a Man'


Move over Katniss Everdeen it looks like Steve Harvey's book adaptation of 'Think Like a Man' has wrestled Box Office supremecy over 'Hunger Games' who held it for over a month. 'Red Tails' another predominatly black cast failed to make a blimp on the Box Office but they failed to realize that black people love horrible romantic comedies more than horrible war movies. TAKE THAT MR. HITLER!

Is it just me or did anyone think this movie came out months ago? I've seen the same 3 'Think Like a Man' trailers played during every ESPN/ABC NBA game and almost everywhere else. Mass Marketing at it's worst. Sidenote: I can't believe Kevin Hart won the funniest comedian working on our poll a couple of months ago. He's the unfunniest funny person of his generation.

If you don't know the story behind 'Think Like a Man' it's based off Steve Harvey's 'Act like a Lady, Think Like a Man' self help book that cornered the market on desperate single ladies and Collection Center employees. You can't go to a Collection Center and not see groups of women huddled up reading passages in between calls. You could even see the thinking bubbles over their head as they quietly ponder ways to implent Harvey's incoherent advice. 

Here's what some top critics had to say about the movie. Put on your sunglasses because I'm going to post a lot of shade! 

The more this alleged romantic comedy begs you to adore it, the more you wish you could block its calls. -Farran Smith Nehme (New York Post) 


Damn! Farran Smith Nehme just totally said this movie was thirsty for our adoration.

It seeks to rescue contemporary black storytelling from the clutches of men in drag and misogynist moralizing. -Ann Hornaday (Washington Post)


Because who doesn't love Tyler Perry shade?

When the movie was over, I remember saying, 'Well, that wasn't terrible.' (I'm sure Screen Gems will be calling any moment to put that pull-quote on their DVD cover box.) -Kevin Carr (7M Pictures)


Similar to Mitt Romney's campaign slogan. "Meh." Crossover joke.

The book is plugged so many times visually and verbally that moviegoers might need to check twice to make sure there's not an order form on the back of the ticket stub. -Todd Jorgenson (Cinemalouge.com)


For his part, Harvey shows no discernible signs of caring about people – this book of non-expert opinions and gender-norm reinforcement exists to sell and the movie exists to push it. The cover is splashed on the screen over a dozen times and the aforementioned numerous verbal references to it make Think Like a Man the best-acted infomercial I've ever seen. That is to say that Think Like a Man is ultimately cynical and depressing. Here's an idea: every time the book is mentioned or seen, take a shot. You'll be drunk in no time and that will help you get over whatever relationship concerns you may have much more effectively than anything Harvey would have you do. -Rich Juzwiak (Gawker.com)


That's just mean. 

Imagine what Armond White would have to say?