Quality Of Life featuring Lil Wayne

If you follow me (@ChewyHimself) on Twitter, then you've probably seen one of my rants on about Little Dewayne and his TERRIBLE one-liners! Damn near ever song consists of a "F*ck the world, get her pregnant" or somethin' to that effect. You'll also almost ALWAYS hear a song where Wayne is comparing life to a female dog or some other noun or pronoun. These reasons are why I haven't and don't plan on purchasing (or even bootlegging) The Carter IV aka Once Again I Couldn't Think Of Anything More Creative To Name My Album. My Kingsrowe brethren @whoisjaewood has listened to this album in it's entirety and laid the groundwork for the repetitive #StruggleBars you are about to read.


Track #

1. Intro - "Life's a crazy b*tch...Grace Jones"
2. Blunt Blowin' -  "Life is a choice and death is a decision"
3. Megaman - "If life is a b*tch, Then mine's a gold digger" & "Life is shorter than Bushwick (Bill)"
4. 6 ft 7 ft featuring Cory Gunz - "Life is a b*tch & death is her sister"
5. Nightmares of the Bottom - "Life is a course and I'ma shoot for par"
6. She Will featuring Drake - "Life is deep but I still dig her."
7. How to Hate featuring T-Pain - N/A

 8. Interlude featuring Tech N9Ne - N/A

 9.John featuring Rick Ross - N/A

10. Abortion - "Life is a gamble. Better check the point spread"

11. So Special featuring John Legend - N/A

12. How to Love - N/A

13. President Carter - "Reality's a b*tch and I'ma dance wit her"
14. It's Good featuring Drake, Jadakiss - Nothing to see here. Other than a shot at Jay-Z.
15. Outro featuring Bun B, Nas, Busta Rhymes, Shyne - N/A

Bonus Tracks

16. I Like The View - "Life is a midget so try to live it up" (WTF? LMAO!!!)
17. Mirror- N/A
18. Two Shots - N/A


Look. If you think any of these wack, redundant ass lines above are dope then I'm convinced you weren't born before 1990. Lil Wayne went from being one of the top lyricists out, to a flat out sleep agent. Everyone already seems to have The Carter IV so I don't think anyone will be buying it. Perhaps Weezy should chill out on rap, because according to the above bars (and picture) he fell off.