Random Babe Madness Debate

 Behind the scenes at Kingsrowe we've always wanted to do some sort of bracket style March Madness themed post but we could never put our finger on it. Earlier this year we were brainstorming and  @The_Rell threw out "Babe Madness". When we all heard it we knew that was it.  It wasn't kicks , it wasn't rappers , it was BABE MADNESS! Something that every person with a  inner creep could participate in passionately with a random outcome. Genius right? Well we definitely see the potential of the concept and like to add more to it next year but please believe were cooking! Here is some random footage from my phone I've been meaning to upload from a random night at the office. I had people from my job filling out those brackets. That's when I knew it was real. The boss wants to step that concept up so trust us folks as usual it gets iller as promised. This is just some random heavy debate. Chime in if you can.