Serena Williams Wins Gold Then Crip Walks

Saturday was the best day of the Olympics thus far. Team Great Britain competed like it was 1908 winning 3 Golds in 30 minutes and 6 on the day. Michael Phelps won another Gold in his last race ever. Some red head dude won the high jump and Missy Franklin flashed her billion dollar smile like 8 times.

But the best part of Super Saturday was undoubtedly Serena Williams destroying Maria Sharapova, winning Gold then crip walking her Compton ass all over Wimbeldon. GAME. SET. MATCH!

Predictably the lame stream main stream media wrote 4327 articles claiming Serena has no class and that she was wrong for celebrating that way but when you complete your career Golden Slam and win Gold for your country you have carte blance. I hope she crip walks during the closing ceremonies too.