Struggle Plates by @The_Rell

Hello everybody. How y'all been? Y'all been cool huh? Man this shit been stressful bruh. These struggle plates been having me thinking bout ending it all! I'm sorry I missed a week but seeing all these plates made me sick. My fingers just wouldn't allow me to type yet another review, but after a quick rest we're back at it.


Pleaseeeeeeeee tell me my eyes are deceiving me please please please! This can't be real. This is the first time I've been forced to show the name on the provider of a Struggle Plate. I've heard the rumors and seen the signs but I didn't know it was this bad. C'mon Soulja Boy! Forreal? Shit is this real?? This fool taking care of breakfast and lunch in one single bound! I can't believe my eyes! I'm just gonna remember the times when 'Crank That' came on at Major Woody's and go to the next plate.


Alright I see my people are still out here struggling on the 1st meal of the day!! Like, what goes through people's minds as they pull out their phone open up their camera app and snap a pic of nothing but heartbreak and disappointment??? This man has two bite size struggle patties, two powdered struggle donuts and WIC cheese slapped on a fried struggle egg! I mean what part of this breakfast is photogenic?? I'm confused and my stomach hurts so I'll move along....


Last but definitely not least is the most struggle of all struggle plates!!! The Holy Grail if you will. Hot dog people and Kraft Mac N' Cheese! The hot dogs are butterfly cut for God's sake!!!!! You know what I'ma let y'all make up your own caption. My eyes can't bare to look at this anymore I'm Out..... :(