Wacky NFL Head Coaches

Who said the NFL stood for "NO FUN LEAGUE?" Yesterday was an eventful day for NFL Head Coaches as Jim Harbaugh offended Jim Schwartz with his post game celebration forgetting the fact that he almost tore his rotator cuff the previous three weeks fistpumping his Jersey Shore ass off.

How awesome is it that an October Niners-Lions game matters other than to degenerate gamblers?


Later on in the day New Orleans Saints HC and America's spokesperson for visors tore his MCL when #1 ranked Fantasy Tight End(pause) ran into his knee on the sidelines. 

Jesus, that Jimmy Graham is a gamer. 

Other notable Head Coaching moments on Sunday involved Tom Coughlin turning royal purple in the face and Andy Reid not fucking up. 

Fun day to be an NFL Head Coach. They should all be expecting fines from Commisioner Roger Goodell.