Watch the Miami Heat dress up like idiots.


A new NBA season means new pre-game introductions at home games where fans look away in embarassement while pyrotechnics go off on the court. 

I always love watching these things. Mainly for the catchy tunes (Heat went with Kanye's, "All of the Lights") and mainly because it always paints NBA players as the cornballs they are. Some of that is endearing while most of it is down right ghastly yo.

Like when the Toronto Raptors introduction includes Andrea Bargnani and Jose Calderon in a convertible mugging it up for the cameras. It's funny cuz the Raptors suck, but when the Miami Heat pose in front of the cameras dressed up like queers you're a little sad that these guys are going to be eventual champions.

Here's the afermentioned Miami Heat intro video. Peep Dwayne Wade's Dick Tracy jacket, Shane Battier's 4 polos with the collar popped (a symbol to his Duke days), Mike Miller looking like a jackass and James Jones looking like a gay jackass.

Still, these guys can ball.