Yesterday was a huge day for rich people doing rich people s##t! From Money Mayweather walking to the ring with 50 Cent, Triple H and a real life Justin Bieber(equivelent to owning a Siberian Tiger Cub) to the Kentucky Derby where white people gather around to watch Animal abuse and wear decadent ass hats!

This is not hyperbole. People really gather around yearly in Kentucky so they can don the most benovelent hats they can carry on their head. It's like when Marie Antoinette use to wear 50 feet hairstyles in the French Court. 

Here are some of the most over the top hats spotted at the Kentucky Derby matched to a song they remind me of(Yes, I'm running out of ideas for blogs.)

SPICE GIRLS-Spice Up Your Life

WILLIE NELSON-Always on my Mind

Lady Gaga-Poker Face

Enya-Orinoco Flow(Sail Away)

Jay-Z feat Jermaine Dupri-Money Aint a Thang