YOLO Of The Week (Coming Soon)

By now, I think we're all familiar with the acronym YOLO or 'You Only Live Once'. Apparently it took Drake for us all to realize that we weren't cats, elle oh elle. In any event, the phrase basically translates over to "Do what you want, no matter how stupid or irresponsible, because you only live once."


A conversation between Dionte and myself sparked an idea. Once a week we'd feature a picture, video, or event so reckless that the only possible explanation for it is, yep, "YOLO!"


Coming this Friday (April 20th) to Kingsrowe.com will be the inaugural installment of the YOLO of the Week series. If you happen to come across a 'YOLO' moment, be sure to email it to me at Chewy@Kingsrowe.com or send to your favorite Kingsrowe member.